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How to solve the problem of poor ventilation?

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Ventilation becomes a difficult task for low-rise buildings, or for buildings with small spacing between buildings and buildings, and for houses whose apartments are not "permeable". We can understand from the Internet that the house is not well ventilated, the pollution in the house will be more serious, and at the same time, it is the greatest harm to people's health. Experiments show that the indoor air pollution is less than that of the unventilated houses by about 50%, so the ventilation problem of the houses is the key. In the process of decoration, air convection can be formed by remodeling the wall, but it should be noted that the convective wind should flow in a curve to form a whirling wind, that is, the pattern of "Tibetan wind gathering air", which is often suggested by the designer for the owner to use. When designing, the designer intentionally designs this way to make the house ventilated. This design is also better than that. More popular.

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