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The R&D team of China Automobile Research Institute came to our company for product testing and technical negotiation and cooper

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In January 2018, the R&D team of China Locomotive Electric Locomotive Research Institute came to our company from Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, and used our testing platform to test and verify our gas-water separation filter products in an all-round way. We successively carried out water-proof test, sand-proof test, moisture-proof test, dust-proof test, wind resistance test, the test is very smooth, the test results are various. The R&D personnel of Zhongshan Motor Vehicle expressed their satisfaction with the performance indicators, and formed a detailed experimental test report. Our R&D team and our technicians have carried out in-depth technical exchanges to further our cooperation with both sides. The success of this experiment also means that our innovative products will be applied to more business sectors of China National Car. We look forward to win-win cooperation and create brilliance.

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