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Products Name:
Dust screen and dustproof shutters/dustproof shutters/exterior door shutters/dustproof filters
Main Material:
Aluminium alloy
Surface Treatment:
Ecru oxidation
IP65 (third-party detection report)
Ventilation cooling, inlet air filtration function, has the protection of rain,waterproof, anti-snow, anti-win

Qualification honor

Keep improving and pursue excellence

Set many advantages in one, only to give customers a intimate and perfect video

experience, so that customers feel more at ease and more at ease

It has a wide range of applications and is well received by the public.

Application area

Only by withstanding not only the test of the market, but also

the approval of consumers, can classics be made.









After sale

A good product must have


1According to the shape of the above image, users only need to provide two data of W and H, and the

size of the wall hole should be slightly larger than the size of the window frame;


2、The effective ventilation rate of shutters is about N-N%, which can be calculated according to this



3、The thickness of the shutters embedded in the wall is 50mm. The size data is fixed and the dimensions

are completely customized according to the user's requirements;

Reflect Quality from Details

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Remarks:Microsignal and Mobile Phone

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From the details to reflect the quality, we focus on each link, we strive for excellence

From the details to reflect the quality, we focus on each link, we strive for excellence

Function:Ventilation cooling, inlet air filtration function, has the protection of rain,

                waterproof, anti-snow, anti-wind sand, anti-dust and air filtration;

The louver blade has a double S-shaped structure, blade for interlocking, forced change

in wind direction is a straight path, after a lot of bend channel by into indoor, outdoor

strong protection against dust particles in the wind to enter indoor, dust particles and the

rain collision to the blade, rebound to drain out automatically, in addition the blinds open

drain, the roots of rain splashed in later, automatically from the bottom of the drain water

to drain out, with super waterproof, waterproof, snow, sand prevention function. Shutter

backend with a strainer mesh at the same time, can effectively filter out from outdoor to

indoor air with dust, keep indoor air clean, avoid indoor electrical equipment and related

components from dust intrusion; The filter screen can facilitate the user to remove the

cleaning regularly. After the filter screen is opened, it can easily remove the cotton from

the side of the filter, and the cotton cleaning can be reused. You can also take out the old

cotton-wool and replace it with a new one.

Because of specialty, so trust

Basic Information Product Parameters



Structural schematic diagram







Performance description

Application case effect

1.Used for long and ventilated rooms and workshops, container rooms, especially photovoltaic

containers, SVG containers and other special electrical equipment containers ;


2. Mainly used in photovoltaic power station, wind farm, the SVG room in the thermal power

station, the high voltage frequency converter room, the photovoltaic inverter room, and the air

inlet of the machine room;


3. Power plant, boiler room, boiler room, control building, etc., which are mainly used in

desert areas or severe dust storms


4. Mainly used in industrial air conditioning, ventilation and purification, bridge dusting,

airport, shipbuilding and other construction industries;

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Order form

1、if the room for cement brick body, must good hole in the wall, after the shutters from outer to inner

embedded hole in the wall, in punching and wall connection on the side of the shutters in installation, the

shutter window frame body and the cracks around the wall can use polyurethane foam gap filling agent or

cement mortar calking;


2、if the room for the container house, need to open hole in the wall, the blinds from outer to inner

embedded hole in the wall, It can be perforated with the wall connection installation in the window of the

shutter, and the gap between the shutter frame and the wall of the wall can be sewn with polyurethane



3、 When installing, the shutters can't be turned upside down to install. After reverse, there will be no

protection against sand and water

Installation diagram

Installation diagram

Fixed Scheme Drawing for Connecting Louvers to Wall Holes


Product characteristics

Product name:Dust screen and dustproof shutters/dustproof shutters/exterior door

                         shutters/dustproof filters

Specification type:HX2S-NT50

Main material:Aluminium alloy

Surface treatment:Ecru oxidation

Protection level:IP65 (third-party detection report)

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