The flexible performance of accessories affects the user experience of aluminum alloy louvers


Do you have this problem: the rope of the aluminum alloy blinds at home often cannot be pulled and gets stuck. Louver blades tend to loosen and become less shading over time, and even the gaps between the blades become larger, affecting our lives. Or perhaps the dimmer bar for adjusting the blade angle of the shutter suddenly malfunctioned, and no matter how you rotate the dimmer bar, you cannot adjust the blade angle.

The above problems are all manifestations of the inflexibility of aluminum alloy louver accessories. When its accessories are not flexible to use, we need to spend more effort on repairing or replacing the blinds. This also greatly wastes our time, preventing us from doing more meaningful things within the limited time. Even office blinds are the cheapest type to buy. At first, the blinds were relatively new. It didn't matter when used at first, but after a period of use, various problems arose one after another. Either the rope is broken, the light is always leaking, or the dimmer bar is not working. As he sat by the window, the sun shone directly on his computer screen every noon, and at that time, he couldn't even see the computer clearly, which was truly unbearable.