Waterproof shutter blades with excellent air tightness


Many customers come to our website to inquire about waterproof louvers by phone, so today I will explain waterproof louvers.

Waterproof louvers

Openness and openness are one of the trends in architecture, which is the pursuit of open space and open vision. Affected by this trend, building shading is becoming increasingly popular among people, with flat shutters being highly favored by customers. This article will also focus on introducing the functions, characteristics, selection strategies, and other aspects of flat panel louvers. It will provide a detailed introduction to flat panel louvers, hoping to help friends better sunshade products and create a comfortable life.

1、 The function of louvers

Due to the presence of anti sinking and waterproof rubber strips at the connection between the blades, both ends of the blades are sealed in the same frame with wool strips. When the blades are fully closed, the sealing effect of storm prevention can be achieved. At the same time, the air tightness performance is the best, and the hollow blade structure can effectively improve the indoor insulation effect. Hollow panel louvers can maximize their advantages when equipped with drive motors and intelligent control systems. Normally, windows, lighting and shading windows, and storm windows can be ventilated. In the event of a fire, they can be immediately opened upon receiving a fire signal to achieve smoke exhaust function.

2、 Characteristics of Louvers

1。 Don't worry about safety and maintenance

The hollow panel louver shading system adopts ultra aluminum alloy material, with high tension, high strength, safe use, and anti-theft and confidentiality functions. After the system is put into use, the maintenance volume is small and the cost is low.

2。 Fully functional and thoughtful

Aluminum alloy hollow flat blade, blade adjustment range between 0 ° -105 °, different angles, different shading, dimming, ventilation, rain, wind, dust, to meet your requirements for lighting, shading, and ventilation.

3、 Stay away from noise and enjoy a 'quiet' world

The system adopts hollow blades, which can be completely enclosed and has better sound insulation and noise reduction functions. The hollow panel louver shading system can reduce noise to over 30 decibels, better meeting the needs of "quiet" buildings.

4。 Environmental protection and energy conservation

In summer, shading and insulation can reduce indoor temperature and reduce air conditioning and refrigerator power consumption by about 30%; In winter, it can be insulated and windproof, greatly reducing indoor temperature loss and effectively reducing hot air power consumption. R.

5。 Easy to use

The double-layer hollow structure of the leaves has high tension and strength. The blade angle can be adjusted from 0 ° to 105 °, and the maximum chasing air volume of the blade is 90 °. When the blade is between 15 ° and 25 °, it cannot be seen indoors or outdoors. When fully enclosed, it can maintain indoor temperature and reduce external noise by more than 30 decibels. Adopting a unique connecting rod transmission, it can achieve linkage and combination with building intelligent control systems and fire control centers.

3、 Selection of louvers

1。 quality

When choosing a shutter, not only do you need to look at the shutter blades, but also at the adjustment lever, which is an important component of the shutter. When seeing the quality of the shutter, it is best to first touch the shutter plate evenly and smoothly, while paying attention to the thickness. High quality louvers handle blade details very well, especially those made of plastic, wood, and bamboo.

When checking the adjustment lever, hang the blinds flat and pull them to see if the lifting switch is stable, then rotate the adjustment lever to see if the blades are also flexible. The louver adjustment lever has two functions: one is to adjust the louver lifting switch, and the other is to adjust the blade angle.


When purchasing louvers, it is necessary to measure the size of the louver according to different assembly methods. Generally, there are two installation methods for louver assembly: concealed installation and exposed installation. The length of the concealed louver pane should be the same as the window. The height and width should be compared to the window, but reduced by 5 centimeters on both sides.

Small rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms use concealed curtains, while large rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms are more suitable for using exposed curtains.

The above is the consultation about waterproof louvers organized by the editor. Through sharing this content, everyone has gained a certain understanding of waterproof louvers. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the market information of waterproof louvers, you can contact our company's salesperson or visit the field to discuss and exchange ideas together.