Do you know that blinds are so easy to use?


For blind curtains, most people may find them difficult to clean due to their limited use and exposure. In fact, it is quite convenient to use a small brush to clean the curtains after they accumulate dust. The key is that when you encounter these special designs, you will find that no curtain can match the blinds. Let's take a look at several design details that strongly recommend using blinds!


Waterproofing requirements

In damp spaces like the bathroom, if ordinary cloth curtains are used, they are easy to get wet and may become moldy due to long-term moisture erosion. After all, the breathability of the curtains is poor. However, for blind curtains, on the one hand, the materials are moisture-proof, and on the other hand, they can be flexibly adjusted to maintain ventilation and lighting, making them more dry and generous.


Smaller windows

If the windows are very small, it is not convenient to install them with ordinary curtains. Moreover, for small windows, if curtains are used directly, they can also be unsightly and unattractive when paired with the entire wall. Therefore, using simple and generous blinds can achieve much better results.


Window sills for storage

If things are stacked on the windowsill or desks are placed next to the window, it is easy for ordinary curtains to fall off when they are pulled, and there is no such concern for blinds.


Adjusting the light

Blinds are more convenient for regulating and controlling light, making the space appear simple, transparent, and bright. They can also be closed as a whole to make the entire space quieter and more comfortable. They are suitable for both study and guest room spaces, and are also suitable for some simple and generous space styles.