Waterproof louvers with excellent waterproof performance


Many customers come to our website to inquire about waterproof louvers by phone, so today I will explain waterproof louvers.

Louvers are beautiful, energy-efficient, and provide privacy. They also block sunlight and ultraviolet rays from entering the room. Many people can use soft decoration for decoration. But ordinary blinds cannot prevent heavy rain from entering the room in windy and rainy weather. Are rainproof louvers rainproof? What is the difference between rainproof blinds and blinds? Next, follow the editor to watch!

What is the difference between rain blinds and rain blinds

Introduction to Rainproof Louvers

Rainproof louvers are used for ventilation, rainproof, heat insulation, air flow chamber or other public IT trenches. The side frames and streamline blades are adjusted with rain leaves and a drip tank. It not only has the advantages of single rainproof louvers, but also the staff can adjust the opening of rainproof louvers according to the requirements of indoor temperature and ventilation volume. Single layer rainproof louvers can be divided into two types: longitudinal and transverse. Mainly used for shading the facade and top of large shopping malls, exhibition halls, garages, and other places. Equipped with anti-theft insurance function. The biggest feature of single layer rainproof louvers is that they can be adjusted arbitrarily based on different angles of light, making the indoor natural light rich and varied.

What is the difference between rain blinds and rain blinds

What is the difference between rainproof blinds and blinds

Even in heavy rain, rainproof louvers can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room, and no water curtain will form on the windward side of the entire rainproof louver, ensuring normal design ventilation requirements. Because single-layer rainproof louvers themselves do not have any pollution, and can withstand ultraviolet radiation through insulation, regulate indoor light, and reduce adverse external effects to the lowest level, providing a comfortable environment for people's lives.

Ordinary blinds do not have rainproof features in their design, and even when closed during heavy rain, rainwater can enter through the gaps.

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