Internal mounting air vent panel for electrical equipment or EV charging station ventilation


Main Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Natural Anodizing
Blade Space(mm): 13
Thickness of Fins(mm): 0.8
Thickness of Filter net(mm): 12
Total Thickness(mm):30
Protection Grade: IP54
Effective ventilationrate:35%

Air vent special dust filter layer screen for every machenical equipment


The merit and demerit of these two type filter cotton 1 Polyurethane filter cotton(Black color), it can be washing and reuse, small wind resistance, but the filtering effect is ordinary, small amount of dust. 2 Non-woven fabric filter cotton(White color) good filtering effect, large amount of dust. But wind resistance is high, do not wash and reuse, the customer have to replace new one when the dust accumulates.

The buckle design dust filter net


The dust filter assembly is designed with an installation base to form an integrated filter assembly
The dust filter can be quickly inserted into the base and fixed by the buckle At the same time, without any toolsthe dust filter can be quickly removed by directly opening the buckle for cleaning or replacing the filter cotton
The dust filter assembly can be directly installed on the back of the shutter or the back of the cabinet door panelNo need to install any structural parts, applied to the air intake with dust proof requirements

Plate type dust filter Net

1: There are A&B two models, model a thickness is 18mm, model b thickness is 12mm
2: The user should provide the w&h dimension after choosing the model type and filter cotton type
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