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HUAXIA VENT power container electrical storage enclosure solar inverter cabinet ventilation cooling louver waterproof dust prevention



outdoor electric inverter/ converter/ substation/ telecom enclosure

Shipping container, outdoor energy storage equipment

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Have you encountered any of the following issues with your project equipment 


Whole room is dusty, serious accumulation of dust inside the electrical equipment accelerate the aging and life span of the equipment in advance



The airflow of rainstorm take into the no protection equipment, resulting in ponding damage and power failure of the cabinet.  it brings the high maintenance costs. Moisture condensation cause discharge orcorrosion to the machine




Those power equipment will face those harsh condition influence below
  Rainstorm Sand storm Plague of insects Moisture foggy  







The equipment is facing the trouble of being damaged and difficult to repair at any time



We can solve these problems

      Option 1: Dust prevention in ventilation  

Quality dust proof and insects blocked performance by the metal net with cotton filter


Equip with stainless steel or aluminum mesh for fine objects barrier Equip with Polyurethane or Non-woven fabric cotton screen layer for dust filter


        Option 2: Waterproof and drainage   

The rain water be block by the vanes, and drain away from holes bottom

RAIN PROOF by the vanes structure design

The vanes shape design is L+Y shaped good rain block by the vaines structure

Option 1:direct open external by key

Option 2: direct open external by latch design

Waist shape drainage holes in below can be smooth drainage

Flange back integrated sealing strip can be good sealing stallation



         Our product is suitable for those devices   


Shipping container, all types ESS container, MWH ESS container and photovoltaic converter/inver PCS




Photovoltaic inverter grid connection device



Also suitable for those devices below:

Warehouse/ voltage room Power conversion system cabinet Industrial generator



Feeder pillar/ telecom cabinet Electric vehicle charger Box type substation






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