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Outdoor ventilation of high protection shutter exterior air vent panel louver for outdoor communication cabinet EV charger station



outdoor electric inverter/ converter/ substation/ telecom enclosure

Shipping container, outdoor energy storage equipment

Category: External installation series
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Natural Anodizing
Blade Space(mm): 17
Flange Width(mm): 26
Thickness of Filter net(mm): 12
Total Thickness(mm):33.6
Protection Grade: IP54
Effective ventilationrate:35%

Key word:

Ventilation Filter Louver

mobile electrical equipment


EV charger

air vent

air vent panel

Product Details

     Have you been those troubles!?       



Outdoor new energy equipment

Energy storage container, electric coverter, electrical cabinet, EV charging station 



   vent panel



Rain Storm Sand Storm Plague of Insects
Operating in harsh condition



The flange of the unsuitble vent panel mounted into the vent of the device 


That would be unsealing to the enclosure

It left the crack of the vent

Moisture condensation cause discharge or

corrosion to the machine

Serious accumulation of dust
inside the electrical equipment

Whole room is dusty and accelerate the aging and lifespan of the equipment in advance



        Our product can solve these problems!!                                                              Model NO. HX11Z-IT30AB                           

Customized filter function is suitable of protection in any harsh condition. Fan filter/steel screen filter/ dust filter option

Main Material color size Flange width
Aluminum Alloy Natural Anodizing Customized


Rear end screen material

Total Thickness


 Protection level  Effective ventilation rate
Single stainless steel screen 30 IP54 35%

      It can makes 3 types option according to your requirement belew                Product effect and operating principles                     

Air outlet can install with fan filter + our product for heat dissipation.

Good protective and high ventilation system by inlet and outlet hole

The rain water be block by the blades, and drain away from holes bottom

Quality dust proof and insects blocked performance by the steel screen with cotton filter


After few months

you can open the louver, take out the filter layer to flushing clean, and then install and use it again and again





             Our product is suitable for those devices            


Electrical distribution box Machine vent/ Electrical inverter Electrical converter/inverter/Grid infrastructure Storage building/electric equiment house Electric vehicle charging station




         We can customized to solve your problems       

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