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Dust filter screen

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The dust filter assembly is designed with an installation base to form an integrated filter assembly</br> The dust filter can be quickly inserted into the base and fixed by the buckle At the same time, without any toolsthe dust filter can be quickly removed by directly opening the buckle for cleaning or replacing the filter cotton</br> The dust filter assembly can be directly installed on the back of the shutter or the back of the cabinet door panelNo need to install any structural parts, applied to the air intake with dust proof requirements</br>


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Japan NCN has successfully shipped overseas orders and established long-term strategic cooperation

The Indonesian project jointly carried out by Japanese NCN company and our company has successfully concluded. This project strictly adheres to the principle of high standards and strict requirements, with a production time of over a month


Waterproof louvers with excellent waterproof performance

Louvers are beautiful, energy-efficient, and provide privacy. They also block sunlight and ultraviolet rays from entering the room. Many people can use soft decoration for decoration. But ordinary blinds cannot prevent heavy rain from entering the room in windy and rainy weather


Do you know that blinds are so easy to use?

For blind curtains, most people may find them difficult to clean due to their limited use and exposure. In fact, it is quite convenient to use a small brush to clean the curtains after they accumulate dust.